I found a very annoying bug of Carbide.UI S40 Themes Edition 5.0 and it was happening when using Compact UI and Touch & Type UI plugin (not sure about other plugins, but the standard Blue text or White text UI seems OK). The following steps will show you how to reproduce the bugs:
  • Choose an UI template for your theme, for an example: Compact UI.
  • Change some specific elements provided only by that UI Template. For example, change the Email list icon in Main Menu - Menu Icons - Email
  • Save your current theme
  • Change your UI template to another template which has no specific elements that you've changed, for example Touch & Type UI template.
  • Save your current theme again and restart your Carbide.UI
  • Change your template back to Compact UI, and Voilla! You'll find that Carbide.UI ignoring the Email icons that was already skinned. It gets back to its default!
Strange, I found that the skinned email icon files was already on the theme project folder but somehow Carbide.UI was showing default email icons.
Anybody have this problems? or some tricks to prevent it?
or maybe some place/URL that we can submit bugs for Carbide.UI?

It is not a critical bugs but i'm sure that it will give S40 themers a hard day of maintaining their themes..

NOTE: it is not happening on Carbide.UI 4.3 for Symbian (thanks God)