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    Question Problem with RNotifier

    i am facing some problem with RNotifier, i need to close the notifier in case where another msg will be displayed

    i am using the notifier as following:
    RNotifier notifier;//declared as global parameter
    TInt buttonVal;
    TRequestStatus lStatus;
    QString num = "Some data";
    TPtrC16 textPtr(reinterpret_cast<const TUint16*>(num.utf16()));
    notifier.Notify(_L("Test"), textPtr, _L("Ok"), _L("Cancel"), buttonVal, lStatus);

    if( buttonVal == 0 )
    if( buttonVal == 1)
    i tried to use notifier.Close(); in another function to close the notifier but this didnt work!!!
    seems that still waiting the user response ..so what should i do to be able to close the notifier??

    Thank you

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    Re: Problem with RNotifier

    Cancelling outstanding request of an active object have to be done before releasing its resources.

    In this case thought that RNotifier::NotifyCancel() method is not implemented by the server.

    The RNotifier::CancelNotifier(TUid aNotifierUid) allow you to cancel the notification when providing the UID identifying the notifier.

    With the use of the TrustedUI, ProtServ capabilities one can implement a notifier and cancel it by the UID based on the CustomNotifier.zip code located at the following wiki article:



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