Hi guys ,

I've got a problem with my flash lite app for the nokia n95 and nokia n96. I've just completed it and it's got one problem... volume up and down keys on the device!

When I have the app open I've asked it to set the volume to 50 to start with. the volume buttons on the side of the device let me turn the volume up to 60 only and will only let me go as far as 50? Does anyone know what this would be?

I created buttons within the app itself to control the volume in the app and it will let you turn the volume up and down between 0 and 100... but these buttons are buttons on the phone. I tried to find an fscommand2 to see if it would allow me to gain access of the up and down volume keys but there is no fscommand2 out there that allows this. you can only use soft keys and navigation keys.

I should also point out that this is only the case when I have exported it to a .sis file using carbide or SWF2Go. But if I package up an app as a widget it gives me full control of the volume keys on the device to turn the volume up and down without any extra code. it just allows if it is a .wgz

A .wgz file is no good to be me because I need the app packaged as a .sis file and with exception to volume everything else is working fine!

Has anyone had this issue? If so how did you fix it? Or do you have any recommendations?

Looking forward to your responses!