Hi Guys,

Hoping someone can help me...

I have created an app which has an input field for the user's name.

The App itself has SOFT1 - set to not do anything if pressed. SOFT2 is set to bring up a quit menu, which then has a "Cancel" button and a "Quit" button. All that works fine.

However if you click into the input text field, to actually type in the user's name, these soft keys SOFT1 and SOFT2 reactivate to the phone's native buttons. Meaning if you click SOFT1 it brings up a flash menu with the following in it...

Pause, Stop, Rotate screen, Save, Mute, Replay, Quality, Normal screen, Zoom in, About application, View details, Help and Exit.
(Is there anyway of dialling this menu)

If you select SOFT2 when you are in the input text mode rather than bring up the quit menu I've created it will just Quit out the app.

Ideally when the user is in text input mode it would be better for both soft keys to be disabled. Does anyone know how to do this when just in text input mode?

Also it would be ideal if the text field was only set to use standard text input rather than being able to use predictive text. Does anyone know how to deactivate the predictive text of a text input field?
(I've already restricted the input to just alphanumeric characters).

Much appreciated.