Where is Nokia's strength vs iOS vs Android? Can Nokia survive and prosper, how?

The ancient adage "The software is the computer" still applies. I believe iOS' enormous success is due to a disciplined, stringent app development & distribution environment, paired with engineers' vision for excellent hardware. I strongly believe the market follows a well implemented vision.

I perceive Nokia as a confused player in smartphone market. A new direction is needed. Actually, I think all the requirements exist at Nokia, they just need to be made to fit and pulled together.

Concentrate on a consistent OS. I like Symbian - it is light-weight, yet flexible (please please don't go Microsoft!). What's bad is the haphazard implementation across the range with features wildly differing and annoying subtle differences between models. Hardware is almost GREAT. I'm looking at 2710 Nav.Ed., C3-01 and C7. Battery life is good on these. GPS and Ovi maps are fantastic value. I use an iPhone and I'm annoyed because unlike my Nokias I cant even update my contacts via Bluetooth and have to charge it all the time. Things require many steps to do. I prefer my Nokias in many cases. But the deal breakers are: C3-01 - no VoIP via 3G, no GPS, launching email takes AGES. 2710 - no 3G. Combine the 2 and you'd have an almost perfect low-end phone. Make the Ovi store WORK! Far too much ad-based crap - time wasters. Make over-the-air updates WORK.

Look after your customers, give them lifetime support for the phone they bought. Make new models compelling, do not force people to upgrade by withering support for their phone - they will jump ship! Have clearly defined ranges of phones - currently even seasoned sales staff is over-challenged to give good advice re features.

Emphasise Nokia's strength - smaller size, less weight, long battery life, easier use, fast. Keep user inteface and app inclusions (social media) up-to-date with over-the-air free updates - make sure they work! In other words, create and maintain product that remains exciting for years. There you go…