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    QImageReader gives incorrect image size with JPEGs

    In my code I have to download images from internet -these images may have any size or format- and then I have to scale them and cut them properly. I'm using QImageReader to do it but in Harmattan when I'm calling the method QImageReader::size() it's giving always -1 as width and height when the image is a jpg -when the format is png the size is correct-.

    The code is something like this:

    void myClass::replyFinished(QNetworkReply *reply){
        QImageReader *imgReader;
        imgReader = new QImageReader(reply);
        if((imgReader->size().width() >= ...
    The weird part is that when I scale the image to a given size, even if the original size was supposedly -1x-1 I can see the image. The problem is that without knowing the original size I cannot keep the correct aspect ratio. This is happening in the simulator and as I haven't a N9/N950 to test it myself I cannot assure it's really a bug. The same code is working in other platforms like Symbian, Windows, Mac or Meego -for netbooks-.
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    Re: QImageReader gives incorrect image size with JPEGs

    Since size is not correct only for JPGs I suspect the problem is in libjpg.
    This is a bug which should be reported to JIRA ( http://bugreports.qt.nokia.com)
    BTW you could workaround this by using QImage/QPixmap API.

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    Re: QImageReader gives incorrect image size with JPEGs

    I'll try that. In fact, that was the way I made it originally when I developed the app for Symbian but prescaling the image with QImageReader before saving it into a QPixmap was a big impact on performance -this is made while the app is running at 60fps-, although perhaps with the N9 CPU it's not such a big deal.

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