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    My 7 years daughter came up with an idea of developing an apps which she called translator tools. The idea is to ease the conversation between two person, who dont know each other language. This apps translates ones language and the listener will hear the conversation, in the language he understands. For example during the conversation between an english speaking man and chineese speaking man, the translator translates the english to chineese so the the chineese man listen the translated version of english, and other guy hear the english version of chineese language. This will help the barriers of language between two nationalities

    Hope You can think of developing such apps


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    Re: Translator

    Not really any new idea, basically the problem is on having translator engines as well as text to speech and speech to text converters on the device side. Then you could always do all things on server side, but you would end up having problem on uploading & downloading audio data over the wireless network.

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