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Thread: Using openc++

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    Question Using openc++

    well guys i was trying to run this example on s60v5 sdk

    It requires to download plugin...
    well i downloaded and installed it,but still cant run the example
    it gives undefined iostream and other 2 also...
    i added the libs too
    am i missing something?

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    Re: Using openc++

    Using Open C/C++ requires adding some modifications to the .mmp file. Read the documentation.
    Since you downloaded it (*), you certainly have it, look around in the "nokia_plugin" folder next to epoc32. There will be documentation and examples for both Open C and Open C++.

    (*) the S60 5th edition SDK has a built-in Open C/C++ plugin, but the downloadable version is always newer, and it comes with the documentation which is missing from the built-in one.

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