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    Fullscreen? Remove Options Menu?


    I read that 1.5 gives us a full-screen mode. Can you explain this in detail?

    Can I somehow remove the options bar from non-touch devices, which otherwise forces me to create two different layouts, since the non-touch devices have a smaller usable screen...

    Keep up the great work!

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    Re: Fullscreen? Remove Options Menu?


    Hmm.. full-screen mode.. that doesn't ring a bell. Closest thing that comes to my mind is the new UI in touch devices, that has only one button in the left bottom corner compared to two buttons in the initial release.

    I bet you have already read this one. It demonstrates how to switch CSS according to device screen width.


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    Re: Fullscreen? Remove Options Menu?

    1.5 already brings fullscreen to the market. Well as far as possible.
    On touch screen handsets there is just a small icon on the bottom left of screen which looks and works great. Thank you for the update :-)

    Sadly on non touch handsets there is still an entire bar across the base of the screen.
    My thinking is that this bar should be removed and the word "Options" also removed and replace with the same icon as per touch handsets.
    Users will quickly find out that if they want to click on the small icon on bottom left all they need to do is tap the left select key.

    This will give the best possible full screen mode possible.

    Also when it comes to the menu of this options page, it might be good to have image quality settings also available in this menu.
    The browser seems to come preset with low image quality setup and so images inapp load very poorly.
    To fix this users need to close app, open the browser separably and then select a better image resolution.
    It might be better to have this option directly in the option menu in app.

    Keep up the great work. Its good to see Webapps getting better and better.

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    Re: Fullscreen? Remove Options Menu?

    Yes, please unify the UI. It is annoying that the non-touch devices need their own stylesheets even if they have the same resolution!

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