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    Smile SMS URI scheme tests, successes and failures

    SMS integration is a new feature in version 1.5 of the Web Tools, so let's test it out. Firstly, I looked over the URI scheme for SMS http://tools.ietf.org/html/rfc5724#section-2.2 and section 2.2 is the important bit imho.

    Keep in mind that I tested this with version 1.4.0 of the Nokia Browser that I got directly from the Nokia Store. Not sure why there is a discrepency in versions between the Store and the Web Apps, but it causes problems for Web App developers.

    I created a test app that had the following simple line in the body of the html
    <a href="sms:...">test sms</a>
    Where the ... was replaced by a variety of different experiments as shown further below.

    I tried the recipient number in a few formats: local and international (with and without a plus sign) and all worked well. The user was presented with the sms text entry box and the user has the chance to change the recipient as well. <Nokia Browser version 1.4 specific stuff>But, as soon as I tried appending a message body to the sms with the ?body= section then things fell over with the error "Incorrect recipient information" and the displayed number had the body tag and text shown. E.g: if my href was "sms:+123456789012?body=Hello%20World" then the whole part after the sms: was thought to be the recipient's phone number.

    Broken, I thought, until I tried: href="sms:0123456789,?body=test" <-- notice the comma after the number? But no, even though this worked, it didn't work well enough as the body part still comes through as another recipient! I then noticed that, for some unfathomable reason, a semi-colon will end the list of recipients. This raises another question: why does a semi-colon ";" end the list of recipients? This isn't part of the SMS URI scheme.

    Okay, so you can get the SMS integration working, but my use case for sms in a Web App is not met. I expect to be able to set the body text of an sms without a recipient phone number. The user clicks the link, opens the sms editor with my body text set, and selects their recipient. This is a classic "Share This App" feature and it is impossible to do currently without setting some number first.

    My test sms links with fake numbers:
    HTML Code:
    <a href="sms:073123456">Test Link1</a> Works
    <a href="sms:27731234567">Test Link2</a> Works
    <a href="sms:+27731234567">Test Link3</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567?BODY=test">Test Link4</a> FAILS
    <a href="sms:0731234567?body=test">Test Link5</a> FAILS
    <a href="sms:0731234567,0821234567?body=test">Test Link6</a> FAILS and crashes phone when viewing recipients in sms editor
    <a href="sms:0731234567,0821234567;?body=test">Test Link6b</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567;?body=test">Test Link7</a> Works
    <a href="sms:;?body=test">Test Link8</a> Fails
    </Nokia Browser version 1.4 specific stuff>

    With v1.5.0 of the Nokia Browser, most of these problems seem resolved. Including my use case as seen below

    HTML Code:
    <a href="sms:073123456">Test Link 1</a> Works
    <a href="sms:27731234567">Test Link 2</a> Works
    <a href="sms:+27731234567">Test Link 3</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567?BODY=test">Test Link 4</a> FAILS - case sensitive attributes
    <a href="sms:0731234567?body=test">Test Link 5</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567,0821234567?body=test">Test Link 6</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567,0821234567;?body=test">Test Link 7</a> Works
    <a href="sms:0731234567;?body=test">Test Link 8</a> Works
    <a href="sms:?body=test">Test Link 9</a> Works - thanks :)
    So, in summary of the SMS integration: nice idea, Only use on Nokia Browser 1.5.0 and up.
    Recommendation: (redacted: Wait until the bugs are fixed before trying to) Use today in your web apps in Nokia Browser 1.5.0 (and only use if you are not trying to get users to sms premium rated numbers ).

    Last edited by sperelson; 2011-11-07 at 14:00. Reason: Changed outcomes for Nokia Browser 1.5.0

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