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    Question our content not found on nokia browser and also other pc browser !!

    Dear team,

    Kindly we have account on ovi store for [cetrosoft].
    our content on ovi store [more than 16 java application].

    So we have a problems here, this problems for search about our content ,
    when we need make search on ovi store we didn't found the our contents on all browsers [Firefox 6.0.2 and Google chrome and internet explorer 8.0, some of these applications supported Arabic language,

    the important issue about mobile browser and also ovi store search from any device ,we didn't find our content on most mobile browsers , that means if we need to search for some of our content on mobile browsers ,we didn't found any result displayed.

    this problems happened for , search on pc browser and search on mobile browser.

    for example :we was write in the textbox search = 'fun' or 'fun jokes'
    the application title is = "fun jokes"
    the application url on ovi store is :

    we didn't select any device when we make search.
    we open ovi store by all the browsers form Egypt country.
    the all browsers is supported Arabic language.

    please advice.

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    Re: our content not found on nokia browser and also other pc browser !!


    The reason why you are unable to find your content is because Arabic language is only supported on Symbian ^ 3 store client at this point. If you are searching from any other device families, your application will not show up. You may add "English" to your language distribution so that it will at least show up for browsers (both mobile and PC store client) that are defaulted in English.

    Note that the PC store client does not support Arabic as well. Let me know if you decide to add English to the distribution and I will get this approved by the operation team.


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    Re: our content not found on nokia browser and also other pc browser !!

    thanks andrew, ok i will reply for this issue soon.

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