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    Power Key press when device is locked


    Can we listen to Power Key press when device is locked. I tried with QApplication::symbianEventFilter(const QSymbianEvent *event) but it gives code 21 some times twice or thrice. It also gives same code (21) on press of Menu button. Can we differentiate between these keys when device is locked?

    Secondly, I want to check the key press and hold for certain period of time, for e.g. 1/4 of second. Can we detect when Power key released ? As currently the symbianEventFilter() sends the key code when the power key is pressed but not on release.

    I am using C7 with Symbian Anna.



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    Re: Power Key press when device is locked

    I don't think you can solve this with symbianEventFilter or any other Qt API. For your application to receive key events even when in background/active keylock you'll need to request key capture from window server session as discussed here. But if I remember correctly, power key might be off-limits for key capture as it's reserved for sysapp.

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