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    error: Recipe linkandpostlink failed with exit code 1.

    hello i am getting the following error while generating the .sis file.

    error: Recipe linkandpostlink failed with exit code 1.
    error: The make-engine exited with errors.

    i saw the below link to solve the issue


    and this link


    but in my gcce.xml i changed as per in that link to

    <set name="RVCTLIB" value="" />
    <set name="RW_BASE" value="$(RW_BASE_OPTION)0x700000" />
    <set name="RW_BASE_OPTION" value="-Wl,-Tdata," />

    but it dnt solve my prob.... thanks for any replies..
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    Re: error: Recipe linkandpostlink failed with exit code 1.

    The "linkandpostlink failed" message is a general display of the fail in the build process, namely the linking stage.

    As has been seen in the referenced bug report: "bin/ld.exe: section .data loaded at [00400000,00400003] overlaps section .rodata loaded at [000539b8,0055c927]" is the the relevant message for the cause of the problem and the solution is to try reduce the "include a lot of stuff as Qt resources" part as Miika suggest (since the change in linker options won't resolve the problem).

    If similar "overlaps" message shown in the built output the same resolution(s) apply. If there is another message in the build output, please file a separate qt bug report, which will be resolved accordingly.


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