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    Best programming language on adding effects and editing audio? j2me?


    I'm finding a way to develop an app on editing an audio and adding effects on it then saving the edited audio into a new one.I'm planning to create an audio mixer for mobile. Is it possible in j2me? Because I tried to searched the internet and it seems that I can't find any. I only need a reference on how to get it done. Or if not in j2me? Is it possible in QT? or other PL? Hope you can help me guys. Badly need your help.

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    Re: Best programming language on adding effects and editing audio? j2me?

    Anything is possible in software. Almost. Whether it makes sense or not, is a different matter. While you might be able to develop such an app in J2ME, you'd be very limited in terms of performance and access to hardware (mic, speaker, all the audio codecs on the device), so you might want to use a "native" approach (target a Symbian or maemo/MeeGo device and use C++).

    I don't think there's a "reference app" for that kind of a thing available for mobiles (not sure how big of an audience would even be interested in such an app), but you could look up something like Audacity from sourceforge to see if you can port it, or get some other ideas on how things might be done.

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    Re: Best programming language on adding effects and editing audio? j2me?

    Yes I think you can do this but it will be not for realtime...

    You can write a java code which read and write audio file... But I think there is library to load and play audio file but I am not sure than you can create with the library an MP3 or another file (because there are the header, metadata, compression, ...). Once time your sound is in memory I think you have to write your own effect, delay, frequency filter... And moreover, no realtime... Working with large audio file with high frequency will be long I think... But I not try... You could retrieve others libraries (audio effect, reading and writing audio files) but even if there are wirtten in Java the port to J2ME will be not trivial (not java 5 syntax, not all the library of an java SDK)...

    For this type of project, as Petrib said, C++ is better... You can imagine writing the audio effect library in C++ and writing the ui code with QT Quick...

    Good luck

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