If you have an application with maps (take mapsdemo, for example), when you initialize maps widget you have this message:
[Qt Message] ******************************************************************************** 
[Qt Message] Qt Location requires usage of app_id and token parameters obtained from: 
[Qt Message] https://api.forum.nokia.com/ovi-api/ui/registration 
[Qt Message] For more information about app_id and token please consult: 
[Qt Message] http://doc.qt.nokia.com/qtmobility-latest/location-overview.html#the-nokia-plugin 
[Qt Message] ********************************************************************************
I went to https://api.developer.nokia.com/ovi-...on?action=list and got an App Id, but I still get the message when I run my application and in some cases my app crashes because of the map.

I init the service provider like this:
QMap<QString, QVariant> params;
    params.insert("mapping.app_id", MY_APP_ID);
    params.insert("routing.app_id", MY_APP_ID);
    params.insert("places.app_id", MY_APP_ID);
    params.insert("mapping.token", MY_APP_TOKEN);
    params.insert("routing.token", MY_APP_TOKEN);
    params.insert("places.token", MY_APP_TOKEN);

    foreach (QString provider, providers) {
        serviceProvider = new QGeoServiceProvider(provider, params);
        if (serviceProvider->mappingManager() &&
                serviceProvider->searchManager() &&
I'm running this on a phone with QtMobility 1.2.1 and I still get the same message. Is there something I missed or something I'm doing wrong?

PS: My app token is something like SOME_LETTERS_AND_NUMBERS_7kA%3D%3D. Could there be some errors in its generations, since %3D is url encoding for "=" ?
Also there is a "Secret" string provided in registration, where do I use it?