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    Back key behavior

    I've developed an application with a main screen and a list screen. If I select something from the list, screen, I'm automatically returned to the main screen. However if I press back at this point, I back into the list screen, rather than backing out of the application. Is there a better solution than overriding the back button on that screen to throw an unhandled exception?

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    Re: Back key behavior

    Hello Jerry,

    As far as I understand your problem you want below mentioned navigation in your application.
    S1 = Main screen
    S2 = List screen
    Exit = Exit from

    Linear navigation structure:
    S1 -> S2 -> S1 -> Exit

    For your solution you can use Non-Linear navigation using NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry(); API when you select something from the list screen and automatically returned to the main screen that time you can call this API.

    S1 -> S2 -> (select item that time you have to call NavigationService.RemoveBackEntry() this method will remove the S2 stack entry) - > Exit (on Back key Press)

    However you can also override OnBackKeyPress method see below.

    protected override void OnBackKeyPress(System.ComponentModel.CancelEventArgs e)
    Pavan Pareta
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    Re: Back key behavior

    using System.Windows.Navigation;

    protected override void OnBackKeyPress(CancelEventArgs e)
    // back button and other navigation no longer work after the e.Cancel = true.

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