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    Exclamation Nokia Developer Newsletter: colors...have mercy!

    For the last few Nokia Developer newsletters I've wanted to send this feedback, but there isn't a feedback link in the newsletter, so I ended up here (btw, that is my first request - add a feedback link to the newsletter )

    My main problem is the color scheme that is used, which is extremely hard to read...the background is white, the navigation column is orange (I picked from the dropdown on the forum, but actual color:#FF9933) on white and the main body text uses shades of grey (actual color:#999999 or color:#666666).

    Could whoever chose this color scheme please have mercy on the readers and change the text to be full black, and modify the orange to be something more readable? I'm guessing if this color scheme was submitted to the Ovi store in an app, it would not pass the UI guidelines test!

    Here's a link to the PDF of the newsletter for those who haven't seen it.

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    Re: Nokia Developer Newsletter: colors...have mercy!

    I suppose you could try using the Web site issues part in: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Contact_and_feedback/

    Anyway, I do not see the problem, the contrast is really clear on my machine (though gotta admit that I'm 1-5% color blind) anyway, you should submit the issue, if more people are having the same issue, then of course it will be fixed later on.

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    Re: Nokia Developer Newsletter: colors...have mercy!

    I am not finding any issue in reading the newsletter.
    Jajal Mehul

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    Re: Nokia Developer Newsletter: colors...have mercy!


    I have to say that I could also use abit darker color for reading. More contrast would most likely make the document more readable.

    Good feedback, you could definetly send this in via the feedback system that symbianyucca pointed out already.

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