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    Issue with dynamic data and WorkerScript

    I have an issue with that my WorkerScript does not reach updated data in a ListModel.

    ListModel {
            id: listModel
        Timer {
            repeat: true; interval: 2000; running: true
            onTriggered: {
                listModel.setProperty(0, "title", listModel.get(0).title+"!")
                console.log("Title outside: "+listModel.get(0).title)
                worker.sendMessage({'model': listModel});
        WorkerScript {
            id: worker
            source: "worker.js"
    The code above updates the title property on the first element in the model by adding a "!" to the title.

    By worker.js contains:
    .pragma library
    WorkerScript.onMessage = function(msg) {
        console.log("Title in script: "+msg.model.get(0).title)
    but if run this code the console shows:
    Title outside: test!
    Title in script: test!
    Title outside: test!!
    Title in script: test!
    Title outside: test!!!
    Title in script: test!
    Title outside: test!!!!
    Title in script: test!
    It looks like the updated model is not reached by the script. What is the correct way to do this?

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    Re: Issue with dynamic data and WorkerScript

    Where is List View ?

    Check this example : http://doc.qt.nokia.com/4.7-snapshot...h-workerscript


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    Re: Issue with dynamic data and WorkerScript

    I didn't expect the ListView to matter in this case, is handling the model that is the issue.

    The Model is however:

        ListView {
            anchors.fill: parent
            model: listModel
                Text {
                    anchors.centerIn: parent
                    text: qsTr(""+title)
                    color: platformStyle.colorNormalLight
                    font.pixelSize: 20
    Please test the code above and see if it works for you. It a very simplified example just to trigger the behavior that i find in a bigger application.

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