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    Cool Icon of the application does'nt match with the icon given in the metadata of content

    The icon of the application is not displayed properly correctly, the default icon is displayed.

    At my sise qgn_menu_MyView.svg is showing correctly the icon in the applications folder after installing.

    But Iam not knowing why the QA people are not able to see the same icon as of metadat of the ontent in

    publish. ovi site.

    Note : (Compulsurily all icons should be Squares only?)

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    Re: Icon of the application does'nt match with the icon given in the metadata of cont

    As said multiple times, do test the exactly same sis file in same device that the problem is reported to. I also asked you to ask what device is reported to behave this way.

    Anyway, at leats now you managed to identify that it reverts back to default icon, thus I would suggest you to really check that you have used SVG-T converter for the SVG image, and then that you have used the oldest SDK for making the mif file, i.e. if you are supposed to support OS 9.1 devices, then you should also make the mif file with MR SDK.

    There is no points of asking same thing over and over again, thus please try following instructions. Also if you feel that you are not getting enough help in here, then feel free to utilize the paid support, I suppose you are familiar with that option already.

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