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    Sales on OVI Store

    Hey, I have published some content on the ovi store and a few of my content items sold. For a certain item i selected Global price point to 1 Euro. Then someone in China bought it. I thought that i would get around 0.70 Euro (with ovi getting their 30%), but instead i only receive 0.07 Euro. Is there any reason for this?

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    Re: Sales on OVI Store

    Store related queries are discussed here : http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...to-Nokia-Store

    post there.


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    Re: Sales on OVI Store

    the 1 Euro is price point, for some regions it is indeed less. Though I would suppose 0.07 Euro would not be actual amount, I would suppose it would be more when it comes to the actual payment.

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    Re: Sales on OVI Store

    Moved your post.

    You can see the billing matrix in the publishing tool. There is a link next to where you select the price point.

    The 0,07 euros seems to be correct. In China you will get this much for the price point #1 sales. You can only get maximum of about 20 cents from the Chinese market.
    I believe this is because Chinese mobile operators have big restrictions on sold content.

    You can of course choose not to sell your App there, or make a separate content item with #2, so you will get ~14cents.
    If you choose to sell your App only in Hong Kong, you should get about 0,60 euros per sales from there.

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    Re: Sales on OVI Store

    The billing matrix (found in the price point hint of the Ovi Publish tool) indicates that price point 1 maps to 1 CNY. Hence if you take 70% of that figure, you will end up with 0.7 CNY which converts back to ~0.07 Euros.


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