*Nokia N9*

What do you think about this behavior?
Scenario: I want to send an image from my N9 to my Mac. Bluetooth on the Mac is turned on. It's turned *off* on the smartphone.

N9 tells me Bluetooth is off. But if I select a recipient (my Mac), the action button on the top right gets active.

When I click "Continue" the image transfer immediately starts. So the N9 automatically turned Bluetooth on - without asking me! I like this.

*But* when the transfer is finished Bluetooth stays on/active on the N9. It was off before the image transfer and perhaps there is a reason it was off. The N9 turned it on without bothering me, because I did want to execute the image transfer... but now, when everything is donne I think the N9 should turn Bluetooth off again. Without asking me. Just turn it off again.

What do you think?
(Images are here: https://plus.google.com/113086803873...ts/VpMRZBxTSff )