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    J2me application for Touch/Non Touch devices

    I have developed one j2me app. for touch & Type devices.I want to bulid the same app for Touch and Non Touch devices.Any suggestions Which API i have to use for both respectively.

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    Re: J2me application for Touch/Non Touch devices


    That largely depends on what UI components you are using, which devices you want the application to run on and how you want the end user to interact with you application.

    Depending on how you implemented your existing UI, some or all of the components might work fine on non Touch and Type devices. If, for example you have used only the LCDUI High-Level API, I would expect that your program runs fine on non Touch devices.

    You need to consider which devices your application will run on. If you have used the Gesture API or the Frame Animator, you need to use the microedition.platform generic system property, to identify the platform and remove any gesture related activity, when running your midlet on 6 Edition platform devices and earlier, as those platforms do not support these APIs. You can see what components of the Nokia UI API are supported per platform here:


    While considering alternative UI designs, you can read this article that provides detailed description of the available UI and graphic interfaces:

    This page provides information for the generic system properties:

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