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    Qt Symbian custom installation


    I wan't some advices from experts.

    Let's assume this scenario:

    I have two sis files. e.g:

    1. component1.sis
    2. myApp.sis ( Qt app )

    I want that both sis files are installed in "one step" or at least to be user friendly. I want that component1.sis is installed first and after thatr myApp.sis ( with smart installer ).

    Any hints or suggestion?

    Many Thanks for any info.

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    Re: Qt Symbian custom installation

    Yes, you can embed SIS file in your project like this.

     myembeddedsis.pkg_postrules = "@/"C:/the_path_to_the_SISX_file/component1.sisx/",(0xEF76E062)"\ 
    DEPLOYMENT += myembeddedsis
    Where the UID specified is the UID of your component1.sisx file.

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