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    Protecting external files, symbian and Qt Creator

    I am a game developer. I am developing an application in QT using Qt Creator, and I was concerned about people having access to the files included in the .sis package, for the game to use. Does Qt Creator protect the access of files such as Images, text files, audio files, etc.. when creating the sis package using Qt Creator or do I have to encrypt it somehow?

    EDIT: I forgot to say, the game will be running on symbian devices and downloaded via the ovi store.

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    Re: Protecting external files, symbian and Qt Creator

    Technically people do not get access to the .sis file when installing an application via the Store. However after installation, your files are going to be placed on the device, and most likely on a mass storage drive (*). Which can be accessed unrestricted after you put the device in USB file transfer mode.
    If you want to protect your content, you will need to apply your own protection scheme. Putting the files into some container will stop the average user, especially if you also add some encryption.

    (*) it is possible to restrict installation to the primary drive, c:, however doing so will result in rejection by Nokia QA, as the c: drive is significantly smaller than the mass storage drive(s).

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    Re: Protecting external files, symbian and Qt Creator

    Thank you for answering my question, that was exactly the information I wanted to know.
    Have a good day

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