Welcome to the Online Reports and Payment Discussion Boards. Please familiarize yourself with Nokia payment processes highlighted below. Full details can be found in our FAQ section: Finance and Payouts

What do I need to setup to get paid?

After you login to Nokia Publish, you can enter your bank detail under Accounts > Bank information. Please always consult your bank regarding receiving international payments before entering the bank details. Incorrect and incomplete bank details will cause payment returns and delays.

Can I use my own language for the bank name and bank detail?

No, your bank name and bank details can only be in English characters.

Can I add an intermediary bank account on top of my beneficiary account?

In addition to the beneficiary account, publishers are given the option to add an intermediary bank account for their payments. Once you have provided all the necessary bank information of your beneficiary account in Nokia Publish, please contact us with your intermediary account information.

When will I receive payment?

Payments will be made 1 month after the first month when the actual payment exceeds € 100.
If the total payment for the year does not exceed € 100, it will be paid out at year’s end.

How will the payment be made?

Payments will be made as a direct deposit to the bank account you provided to Nokia at the time of registration or content upload process.

All payments will be made only as a direct deposit – no other payment method is supported.

What are the documents and reports that publishers receive along with the payment?

Nokia payment documentation sent along with your payments includes:
- Invoice of your payments – an official receipt capturing the actual amount earned in a 30 day period. This invoice also includes any Finnish advance tax applied to the original amount if you are a Finnish corporation.

- Remittance Statement – a document of the total of the Actual Revenue amount the publisher can expect to find transferred to their bank account.

- Detailed Breakdown Report – the monthly purchases of each of the publisher’s content items broken down by country and payment method, and provides the actual revenue share figures for each month’s aggregated transactions. It also takes into account certain influencing factors such as: data latency, currency exchange rate fluctuations, refunds or returns.

These documents are delivered to you at the email address provided to Nokia Publish while entering bank information.

How much money can I expect to make?

Revenue from Credit Card payments – Publishers will receive 70% of the net sales per transaction after applicable taxes.

Revenue from Operator Billing payments – Publishers will receive 70% of the net sales per transaction after applicable taxes.

Please note that there might be a delay of up to 6 months before you can receive the Operator Billing payment portion.

I have reached € 100 threshold according to the Online Estimated Revenue. Why have I not been paid?

There may be a couple of issues that you need to know:

1. Banking Information: It may be possible that your banking account information is missing or incorrect. To check or add your Banking Information in Nokia Publish see [Bank Information] under the [Accounts] tab. If there is no banking information there, Nokia will not be able to make a payment to you.

2. Operator billing can take one to several months to clear. Nokia issues the payment only when the payment amount is received from the Operators. Publishers are paid after the € 100 threshold is passed in Actual Revenue received by Nokia.

3. Credit card purchase payment is usually delayed for 30 days. For example, revenue in August will be made at the end of September or the beginning of October.

I received my invoice. When will I receive my actual deposit?

After the arrival of your invoice, a payment is issued by Nokia within 2-3 days. However, your bank may take up to 15 business days to process this transaction before it appears in your bank account.
Will my payment be in my local currency?

Nokia will issue the payments in Euros by default. We do not support other currency in payment. Please make sure your bank account support Euros.

Your receiving bank may deposit the amount to your account in ‘account currency’ which usually is your local currency if you have intermediary account. Your bank may deduct currency conversion charges, so please contact your local bank for details if you have questions.

What happens if my total revenue for the year does not exceed € 100?
All unpaid amounts accumulated in the previous year will be paid in full at the start of the next financial year.

If you are unable to find a solution for your payment inquiry, please post in this forum.