I am trying to update one of my Python/Pyside application in teh OVI store, but QA always fails.
Target: N9 (Harmattan)

Earlier versions as well as other similar applications passed without issues.

One of the main issues is the required installation of python-pyside.
This seems not to be installed out of the box, but is provided through Nokia in one of the official repositories.

So when you try to install the apps, it sais something like this: "Dependency Notice: To complete installation of ..., additional applications need to be downloaded and installed [...]".

This how ever seems to be a reason for not passing the QA:
Applications must NOT require additional downloads. If the MeeGo application contains a "Dependency Notice", please fail the application for linking to external repositories.
After accepting this, the installation successes and the application runs without issues.

So what do I have to do to pass the QA?
Other versions as well as other apps passed it!