Welcome to the Online Reports and Payment Discussion Boards. Please familiarize yourself with Nokia payment processes highlighted below. Full details can be found in our FAQ section: General Reporting Topics

What information is available in the Reports?

Publishers have access to reports summarizing the content downloads and estimated revenues broken down by country and device distributions online. Please be advised that the Estimated Revenue metric has been offered to date as a courtesy for publishers to use as a run-rate for their business and it does not reflect the actual amount that you receive each month.

The Estimated Revenue figure should not be used for financial or accounting purposes. Estimated Revenue does not take into consideration certain influencing factors such as: data latency, currency exchange rate fluctuations, bad debt, amount pending from operator, refunds or returns.

How long will it take for newly published content to generate download statistics in the reports?

Newly published applications take up to three days for the online reports to generate the download statistics. Thereafter, the reports should be updated within 24 hours.

Why is there a discrepancy between the number of purchases and the number of downloads per device?

Device download gives publishers visibility to device trends. The number may differ from purchase data because it counts all downloads by Nokia Publish QA for testing, consumer purchases and re-downloads.

Why is there a discrepancy between the revenue shown in the online reporting tool and the amount received in my bank?

Estimated Revenue is based on download statistics, while Actual Revenue is based on aggregated monthly revenue payments from credit card and operator payment partners. The discrepancy between Estimated and Actual revenue is due to differences in operator payment cycles, which can be as long as several months.

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