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    Lightbulb FAQ: Publishing Basics

    Welcome to the Application Submission Discussion Boards. We have compiled a list of basic publishing topics for your reference. Full details can be found in our FAQ section: Publishing Basics

    What is a content item or a content file?

    A content item is an app or media such as a ringtone or wallpaper. Each content item has metadata (descriptions, keywords, price point, product icon, screen shots), and one or more content files.
    A content file is the installable file that is downloaded to a device. For apps, these are package files that install the app software, for example, a Java .jar file or Symbian .sis(x) file. For media like ringtones or wallpapers, these are the media files, for example, an .mp3 or .mp4 file.

    Each content item can have multiple content files.

    See page 29 of the Publisher Guide: About content items and content files for further details.

    What types of content can I publish?

    The available content types shown depend on your account type.

    Regular publisher accounts will be able to distribute the following content types:

    • Flash Application
    • S40 Web App
    • WRT Widget
    • Theme
    • Qt Based Application
    • Java Application MeeGo/Maemo
    • Symbian Application (non-Qt)

    If you are a Media Publisher, the web page displays additional content type options:
    • Wallpaper
    • Video
    • Ringtones

    Information on Media Publishing can be found in Media Publishing Help section.

    What content item type should I choose for my application?

    See page 22 of the Publisher Guide: Prepare files for information on which file format is supported by which content type.

    • If you used the Nokia Qt SDK to develop a Symbian or Maemo app, select Qt Based Application, not Symbian application or MeeGo/Maemo application.
    • All MeeGo 1.2 Harmattan apps are developed in Qt so you can select either Qt Based Application or MeeGo/Maemo application. Use Qt Based Application if you intend to upload a content file for other platforms
    • Qt supports, for example, for Symbian or Maemo. If in doubt, use MeeGo/Maemo application.

    What devices are supported by the Nokia Store?
    The Nokia Store can be accessed on a wide range of S60, S40, Symbian^3 and Maemo/MeeGo devices. The Nokia Store Supported Device List contains the most up to date information about device compatibility

    Can I include ads in my apps?
    In-app advertising is a great method of generating extra revenue for your content! Third party advertising providers inneractive and vserv are the current recommended partners for delivering ads to your app. For more information, see this article on In-app advertising.

    Can I distribute my application to other channels besides the Nokia Store?
    We do not prohibit publishers from distributing their applications outside of the Nokia Store. However, you cannot publish content signed by our Nokia Signing service to other channels.

    If you are unable to find a solution for your content submission inquiry, please post in this forum.

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