Welcome to the Application Signing Discussion Sub-forum. Please familiarize yourself the common questions regarding Symbian and Qt Application Signing. Full details can be found in our FAQ section: Symbian and Qt Application Signing

What capabilities does this Signing support?

Nokia Signing offers Express Signing capabilities:
User Capabilities
System Capabilities

If your application requires additional capabilities, please obtain Certified Signing from Symbian Signed.

How do I get my .sis file signed by Nokia?

See page 25 of the Publisher Guide: Prepare Symbian app or read the Packaging and Signing article for preparing your Symbian/Qt application for Nokia Signing.

What do I do with the Developer Certificate and the App UIDs supplied?

The Developer Certificate allows you to test your application on your test devices. Here are basic instructions on how to use the developer certificate installer and key pairs:
  1. Install the certificate installer “OviPublishCert.sis” onto device. Sign the application using the .crt and .key pair.
  2. When you are ready to submit your tested application, specify the Nokia supplied UID in your .pkg file and make sure the SID is of the same range of the UID that we assigned to.
  3. When you are ready to submit the unsigned application, fill in the Nokia supplied UID in Nokia Publish.

See the Packaging and Signing article for detailed information on how to use the Developer Certificate and UIDs.

Are the five IMEIs mandatory to receive the Developer Certificate or UIDs?

The IMEIs provided is used to create the Developer Certificate for your testing purposes.
If you have your own developer certificate, you do not need to supply us with the IMEIs. However, you will still need to request for the UIDs if you wish to use the Nokia Signing service.

How do I find out what the IMEI of my device is?

To acquire the IMEI of your device, please dial *#06# and record the 15 digit serial number displayed on the device.

Do I have to use your Developer Certificate for testing?

You may use your own developer certificate to test your application (you may obtain a developer certificate from Symbian Signed as well).

My Symbian application does not satisfy one or more of the test criteria. Can I have these criteria waived and still get my application signed by Nokia?

Publisher must obtain waivers by submitting the request to Symbian Foundation. See Symbian waiver for more information.

Once you have obtained this document, please send it to Nokia Publish Support prior to submitting your application.

My Symbian application is now tested and ready for submission. What should I do?

Please follow these steps on submitting your application for signing:
  • To submit your item to be reviewed and signed, ensure that the UID used in your .pkg file is an Nokia issued UID.
  • Create a new content item in Nokia Publish (See page 29 of the Publisher Guide: Add a new content item).
  • Enter all required information in the metadata fields and upload your unsigned file.
  • Enter the UID used in your .pkg file into the AppUID metadata field.
  • Define your distribution and submit your content to start the Nokia Signing process.

Can you send me a developer certificate that would not expire until a year later instead of three months?

Unfortunately, the developer certificate is restricted to expire every three months for security reasons.

Can I use the UIDs from Symbian Signed for Nokia Signing?

We do not sign applications packaged with UIDs from Symbian Signed. Your application must use UIDs issued by Nokia in order for us to proceed with the signing process. Please contact us to receive these UIDs.

If you are unable to find a solution for your signing-related inquiry, please post in this forum.