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    Application position in Top

    Hi Andrew,

    I'm experiencing strange behavior of the OVI store that removed my app from Top free despite the fact that number of downloads is stable. Does system automatically places applications in those categories based on some rule (number of downloads, etc.) or it's manually controlled? I'm worrying because for weeks that application was in first page of Top Free and suddenly disappeared absolutely from Top category (now it's in category New again, while I din't do any changes lately). Thanks

    P.S. I noticed that this behavior coincides with online report problems already a third time

    EDIT1: Forgot to mention that the problem is with MeeGo content

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    Re: Application position in Top

    Did you do any changes in your files or metadata ?

    Also could be that other items have gotten more downloads lately.

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    Re: Application position in Top

    Hello symbianyucca,

    Thank you for reply. Answering your question: nope, I didn't do any changes lately. And if other items have gotten more downloads than my app would simply move to other pages but not completely disappear in one day from category (at least I hope for this type of behavior)

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    Re: Application position in Top

    Hi Pippo,

    Which application is this? I will need to monitor the behaviour on my end.
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