I have tried to implement an application to manage todos.

First of all, I have tried the OrganizerModel qml component, but I was getting no data at all till I added in main.cpp
[First bug encountered].

Than I looked for the todos only, and discovered that only the todos that have dueDateTime (expiration time) set are shown [second bug?].

Full of hope, I have written from scratch a TodosModel class and a TodosManager to fill it. It works great, I can get all todos (not only the ones with expiration date set) and see all values except finisheddateTime. Than I kept on setting up the todos management, till I discovered that status property is ALWAYS 0, or QOrganizerTodoProgress::StatusNotStarted.
I have tried checking todos on built-in app to see any change, but no change at all, I have tried setting that property manually with
but status is still zero [third bug?].

Also, is it possible that itemId retrieved for todos is something like this:
Are those ampercents really in the Id or is it a bug since I think it should be just an exa code [fourth bug?] ?

Tested it on N950 with last firmware.

Was anyone able to manage Organizer todos on Harmattan with QtMobility?