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    How to find out NFC radio is ON or OFF status using J2ME?


    Can anyone tell me how to find the status of NFC radio whether its in ON state or OFF state using J2ME API?

    Using System.getProperty("microedition.contactless.version") statement I am able to find out, that NFC is supported by the device or not.

    But I am unable to get the status of NFC radio. Do we have any methods to enable in J2ME using which NFC radio can be enable ?

    Hoping for quick response.


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    Re: How to find out NFC radio is ON or OFF status using J2ME?

    When you start to use the Contactless API, you get an Java exception which tells whether NFC is working – at least in Series 40. Then you fall back to non-NFC. However, I guess, you want to display a warning to your user, don’t you? Unfortuantely, you cannot control the status of NFC from J2ME and in contrast to similar etchnologies like Bluetooth, Series 40 does not ask the user for you. File a bug report, perhaps someone listens …

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