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    Lightbulb FAQ: Applying to be a Media Publisher - How to publish personalisation content

    Please see information on the requirements of being a Media Publisher for the Nokia Store. Full details can be found in the Media Publishing FAQ section of the support page.

    Media Publisher Account Types

    To publish personalisation content, you must be given Media Publishing status.This is intended for 1st party publishers who own their content and all its inherent rights for distribution, or have acquired exclusive license to distribute content. This category describes a publisher with genre, segment or niche content. Media Publisher accounts have a limit of 20 content items (paid and/or free) discoverable in Nokia Store at any given time.

    To apply for a Media Publisher account, contact us.

    How do I apply for a Media Publisher Account?

    You must be a corporate company before you can apply to be a Media Publisher.

    The publisher must then submit the following:

    - A signed/scanned copy of Media Publisher Application form
    - Samples of content
    - A Declaration of General Liability Insurance (GLI) with a minimum of one million USD ($1M) in coverage.

    To apply for a Media Publisher account, contact us. to obtain the necessary documentation and further information.

    What is the General Liability Insurance that is needed to become a Media Publisher?

    Media content such as ringtones, wallpapers, and videos are highly susceptible to copyright or other IP infringement. To insure the publisher against potential liability claims, Nokia requires a proof of general liability insurance of at least 1M USD.

    What types of content is available for Media Publishers?

    On top of the regular content selections, Media Publishers are allowed additional publishing options such as wallpapers, audio, videos, and ringtones.

    Should you have further questions about Media Publishing, feel free to post in this sub-forum and I will get back to you.

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