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    UIDs and IDs for external progs.


    I am new to working with Carbide Ui. and i have a little problem with the making of themes.
    I want to use my own icons but to use them i need UID and/or ID's of the application.

    I want the data for the basic progs like ovi-store, but they counts like third party icons.

    Anyone who can help a newbi like me to find a source for UID/ID's of most common applications?


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    Re: UIDs and IDs for external progs.

    as a 3rd party developer, I usually would want all themes to use my original icons. anyway, if you think you can do them better that developers in general, then you can easily try programs like Y-Tasks (Free, self-signed version is sufficient for this task) to get the UIDs of the application installed into the device.

    Anyway, do note that any application can use different UIDs with different devices and platform versions if the developer has decided to do so.

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