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    Widget autoupdate problem, setinterval ingored when set to 30 min.

    Is there some setInterval time limit? I made a widget with autoupdate option and when I've tested it with interval about 1-3 minutes it worked as it was supposed to, but when I've changed interval to 30 minutes (timerId = setInterval(updatetimer, 1800000) nothing happens. It looks like symbian is ignoring intervals longer than few minutes. Is there any other solution than using some counter and setting intervals to 1 min?

    edit: when I lock my phone timer freezes, so I need to use other technique...
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    Re: Widget autoupdate problem, setinterval ingored when set to 30 min.

    Hi Wiktor and welcome to forum!

    Your observation about timers are correct. Timers are stopped when phone is locked, but that is not the only case. Please check the following Known Issue document for details:

    I would recommend using timestamps instead of setInterval. Could be something like this: When updating write the timestamp value with setpreferenceforkey. Then based on user events or platform events (such as user navigating to certain screen or switching to home screen) check the timestamp and fetch new content if needed.


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