I just found out that the European Commission has released an open-source SDK for WP7. Thanks to the SDK, app developers can exploit EGNOS features: increased accuracy and reliability of the GPS position. The SDK is available for free on the EGNOS website (EGNOS is an European satellite infrastructure complementing GPS):


On the website I found the SDK Core, a Demo App and all instructions for installation and first steps, as well as information on the modules of the SDK. Higher GPS position accuracy and reliability (they call this feature ""integrity"") appear to me as interesting advantages. There are two problems, though:

- In the current version of the EGNOS SDK an external receiver is required - it will be possible to use the smartphpone's internal GPS receiver only when the SDK will be integrated in WP7
- At the moment it is not even possible to interface an external receiver with Windows Phones, due to the lack of Bluetooth Connection. That's disappointing since it works already with all the other platforms (iPhone, BBry, Android...)!!

As I see it, the last step (the SDK implementation in WP7) is up to Microsoft's OS Developers and Nokia's engineers. Do you think we will see that? I hope so!