Here's the additional content that I've added in my pro file
# Clear existing pkg dependencies
default_deployment.pkg_prerules =

# Define pkg language dependent items
languages = "&EN,FR,GE,SP,IT"
packageheader = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\"}, (UID3), 1, 0, 0, TYPE=SA"

vendorinfo = \
";The global vendor name" \
":\"MyVendorName\"" \
";The localised vendor name" \
"%{\"MyVendorName\", \"MyVendorName\", \"MyVendorName\", \"MyVendorName\", \"MyVendorName\"}"

dependencyinfo = \
"; Default HW/platform dependencies" \
"[0x102032BE],0,0,0,{\"S60ProductID\",\"S60ProductID\",\"S60ProductID\",\"S60ProductID\", \"S60ProductID\"}" \

qt_info = \
         " " \
    "; Default Qt dependencies" \
    "[0x2000F866],1,6,0,{\"Stdcpp\",\"Stdcpp\",\"Stdcpp\",\"Stdcpp\",\"Stdcpp\"}" \
    "[0x200110CB],1,6,0,{\"OpenC_SSL\",\"OpenC_SSL\",\"OpenC_SSL\",\"OpenC_SSL\",\"OpenC_SSL\"}" \
    "[0x20013851],1,6,0,{\"PIPS\",\"PIPS\",\"PIPS\",\"PIPS\",\"PIPS\"}" \
    "[0x2002AF5F],0,5,0,{\"Sqlite\",\"Sqlite\",\"Sqlite\",\"Sqlite\",\"Sqlite\"}" \
    "[0x2001E61C],4,6,3,{\"Qt\", \"Qt\", \"Qt\", \"Qt\", \"Qt\"}" \
    "[0x200267C2],4,6,3,{\"QtWebKit\", \"QtWebKit\", \"QtWebKit\", \"QtWebKit\", \"QtWebKit\"}"

DEPLOYMENT.installer_header = "$${LITERAL_HASH}{\"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\", \"My App\"},(0x2002CCCF),1,0,0"

my_deployment.pkg_prerules = languages packageheader vendorinfo dependencyinfo qt_info
DEPLOYMENT += my_deployment
The smartinstaller works fine on Symbian^1 and Symbian^3 (as I build it directly using the Qt SDK in Creator). But I have no option in the Qt Creator to build for S60 3rd edition phones (which requires Qt 4.6.3 support)

I have Carbide setup too (Nokia_N97_SDK being the default SDK), using Command Line I managed generating smartinstaller build for Non-Touch, but the smartinstaller file that I've used for this seems to be a problem (it was taken from the Nokia_Qt_SDK1.0.2), n it fails to install!!!

Once it got installed but the application was missing in the App folder (though it showed in the Intalled apps. as the app is installed!!). Next time it said No Pending Installations, n again no app found!!! With another try there's this long long wait in the "Finalizing installation... " but nothing happens, it either cancels the installation or gives me the error "Installation failed"!! I have faced all the problems that a smartinstaller can ever give!!!!

Can someone please help me with this?