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How do I find out the download numbers and revenue generated of my application?

The report is located in Ovi Publish under the Report tab. In the report, you will see the number of downloads/purchases and estimated revenue if the content is paid.

The app wizard report only shows view numbers for 7 days or 30 days. Where can I view the total view numbers of my applications?

The Nokia app wizard tool only stores pageviews for up to 30 days. Please log into Nokia Publish to view the statistic under Reports tab. Please note that the statistic showing on Nokia app wizard report is the pageview number while the statistic showing on Nokia Publish report is the download number.

Why the figures in Nokia Publish report and app wizard report are different?

The numbers showing in Nokia Publish report are the download numbers but the numbers showing in app wizard report are the view numbers. Normally, the numbers in app wizard are bigger than the numbers in Publish because end-users who viewed the application might not be downloading it at the end.

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