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How do I check the QA status and publish status of my application?

There are two places you can check the QA status of your application:

Nokia app wizard dashboard – Any changes to the status of your application will be displayed next to your content item.

Nokia Publish – Once you have submitted your App Wizard app, you will receive an email with your newly created Nokia Publish account information. You can view both the QA and publish status of your application by going to the content item link provided in the email.

Once the review process is completed, you will receive a notification email of the application’s status.

Why do I find duplicated contents in Nokia Store?

The duplicated contents are different file format versions – WRT widget, Java application, S40 Webapp and MeeGo. This is to extend the coverage of your application to our Nokia user base.

If you encounter any problems with Nokia app wizard or have further questions on this, please let me know or contact the Nokia Publish Support team at developer.support@nokia.com!

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