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Before you begin…
Please prepare the following:
1. A web content with full RSS feed (See Web Content Feeds)
2. A logo (PNG, GIF or JPEG format), measuring 360×60 pixel
An icon image (PNG, GIF or JPEG format) to be used on the Nokia Store and on mobile devices, measuring 256×256 pixels.

What do I have to check for to ensure my app complies with the content guidelines?

See Nokia Store Content Guidelines: Inappropriate content for the requirements that your App Wizard application must adhere to.

How do I create an application?

If you do not have a web content feed, please see Web Content Feeds on how to create one.
The first time you log into your Nokia app wizard account, you will be automatically brought to the four-step content creation process.

Step 1: Enter the URL of your web content feed. You can add up to 4 different web feeds for your Nokia app wizard application.

Step 2: Customize your application (See Design your app) and click Next Step. Verify you have the legal rights of this web feed in the notification prompt.

Step 3: (Optional) Choose a mobile advertising provider to add advertising to your application (See Advertising Guide).

Step 4: Add publishing information and distribution choices by providing an accurate description of your application and choosing the distribution countries and price point. (See Publishing Information).

Once you are satisfied with your application, click Submit to Nokia Store to start the publishing process. You will receive an email with your new Nokia Publish account information shortly upon submission.

What language should I select when creating an application in app wizard?

The language you select should match the language of the Rss feed. In addition, the contents should be in only one language.

Please see Language region distribution mapping for the full list of supported languages.

Can I edit my application?

If you wish to edit your application, click on Edit in the dashboard. If you have already submitted your application, please click Cancel submission and click Edit to make your changes.

Can I preview my application prior to submission?

Your Nokia app wizard dashboard allows you to view your content on a virtual device emulator or install the application directly on your device.

Click on View in emulator to see how your web feed is displayed on a device.

Click on Install to retrieve the download link to enter into your Nokia phone browser.

Can I edit my content through Nokia Publish instead of Nokia app wizard?

No. all revisions of your application must be made through the Nokia app wizard tool. As a registered app wizard publisher, you can only create, modify or unpublish content using the App Wizard tool. The content you create will be automatically synchronized to Nokia Publish. Should you be interested in publishing other content, please register through Nokia Publish.

Publishing and Post-Publishing Issues

The URL I provided gives me an error message “Sorry, there is no valid feed link for that url. Please try another one”.

In order for you to create an app wizard application, your URL must be a feed. Please see Web Content Feeds. To convert your URL into a feed, please try the following link: http://page2rss.com/
To check whether your feed is valid, please enter the URL via the link http://validator.w3.org/feed/

The language of my content is not available during the content submission process. What should I do?

If the language is not available in the drop-down menu, it is not supported by the Nokia Store. Unfortunately you will not be able to publish your application at this time. Please submit a translated version of your web content that can be supported by the Nokia Store.

Please see Language region distribution mapping for the full list of supported languages.

What should I do if I accidentally unpublish my content in app wizard tool?

If you have unpublished your application by accident, please re-publish your content by re-submitting it in the Nokia app wizard tool. You can also contact us to revert the status back to published.

My application has been failed. What should I do?

You may find the reasons for the failure along with the corrective actions in the dashboard of your App Wizard account. Please make the necessary changes to your application and resubmit your web content for review once more.

How do I delete my Nokia app wizard content?

Publishers are unable to delete content once it has been created. However you may unpublish your application from the Nokia Store by clicking Unpublish next to your application.

If you wish to permanently delete your application from your dashboard, please contact us and provide your registered email address as well as the content name.

Publishing Restrictions

Global distribution and language restriction

If you wish to distribute your application globally, your content must be in English. Otherwise, your content will only be distributed to countries that allow for that language distribution (if supported).

Please see Language region distribution mapping for the countries your content will be distributed to. Note that if the language is not available in this list, your application cannot be published on the Nokia Store.

Publishing to China
App Wizard content can only be published in China if the publisher is registered in China. For all other countries, applications marked for global distribution will exclude China automatically.

If you encounter any problems with Nokia app wizard or have further questions on this, please let me know or contact the Nokia Publish Support team at developer.support@nokia.com!

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