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What is Nokia app wizard?

Nokia app wizard is a tool that allows publishers to create application by supplying the RSS feed of their websites. Nokia app wizard takes your website’s standard RSS or Atom feeds and formats them into an application for Nokia mobile handsets supporting Nokia Store.

What can I publish with Nokia app wizard?

Nokia app wizard supports most existing web feeds from news, blogs, YouTube to Twitter.

How much does it cost to use Nokia app wizard?

Publishing with Nokia app wizard is completely free.

How does Nokia app wizard work with Nokia Publish?

Nokia app wizard is the content creation tool for RSS feed applications. Nokia Publish is the content intake tool where the applications are uploaded to and published on the Nokia Store. Once a publisher creates and submits a Nokia app wizard application, it will be published on the Nokia store using Nokia Publish.

Can I use my new Nokia Publish account to create content?

No. Nokia Publish only allows you to view the QA and publication status of your Nokia app wizard application.

If you encounter any problems with Nokia app wizard or have further questions on this, please let me know or contact the Nokia Publish Support team at developer.support@nokia.com!

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