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Becoming a Nokia app wizard publisher
Do I need to have a Nokia Publish account to use Nokia app wizard?
No. A Nokia Publish account will be created on your behalf once you have successfully registered with Nokia app wizard and submitted your first application to the tool.

How do I register?
To start using Nokia app wizard, follow these steps:
- Click Sign In here on the Nokia app wizard webpage and click Register. Conversely you may go to the direct link here.
- Enter a valid email address and fill in all required information.

For publishers who have a Nokia Publish account:
- If you have already have a publisher account in Nokia Publish, check “ I already have a Publish to Nokia account” In step 4 and provide your Nokia Publish user name and email address.
- Check your email for the verification email and click on the link.

You may now publish content with Nokia app wizard.

When do I receive my login to Nokia publish?

Once you have successfully registered with Nokia app wizard, we will send the Nokia Publish login to the email that you registered within 2 days. If you submit paid content, please ensure that bank detail is entered into Nokia Publish in order for us to transfer the payment to your bank account.

Managing your account

How do I update my publisher information?
To update your contact or publisher details, log into your Nokia app wizard account and click on Your account settings in the dashboard. You can then update your information. Please contact us to notify us of the change and we will make the necessary changes to your application in Nokia Publish.

Where can I enter my bank details?
You must enter your banking details in Nokia Publish. An account will be created for you when you submit your first web content through Nokia app wizard and you will receive your Nokia Publish account information to the email provided to Nokia app wizard.

Registration and account management issues
I did not receive my verification email.

Please follow the steps below to resolve this issue:
- Check your email spam or junk folder. Please be aware that some emails may be blocked by your ISP (Internet Service Provider).
- Check that you’re trying to log in from the exact email address you registered with. A common error is registering with an incorrect email domain (e.g., @comcast.com is not the same as @comcast.net). In addition, keep in mind that email addresses never begin with a “www” prefix.
If you’re still having trouble after the above steps, please contact us.

I am unable to retrieve my password using the Forgot Password link.
The password retrieval email should be sent to the email address used for your Nokia app wizard registration. Please check your email spam or junk folder.

If you are unable to locate this email, please contact us.

How can I change my email address in Nokia app wizard?

Publishers are unable to change the email address as this is the unique identifier of your Nokia app wizard account. If you need to change your email address, please contact us.

If you encounter any problems with Nokia app wizard or have further questions on this, please let me know or contact the Nokia Publish Support team at developer.support@nokia.com!

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