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    Clean And Build J2me Application Using Java Web

    Hi Everyone

    I've made an application and given it users. I also gave a user specific text file (size 100Kb) which contains user work record. At the time of midlet launch, application read data from text file and store in its table.

    Problem: For everytime, for every new user i need to give him a application and text file which is time consuming and cumbersome.

    Proposed Solution: I want to make a JSP page where user enter its Mobile number and download the Text file loaded Jar File. i.e. from user input mobile number i can identify his text file then clean and build my project also at the time of compilation i can load his text file data into Application.

    User --> insert mobile number on jsp page --> Identify text file from mobile number --> Clean and Build J2me Project which read data from textfile --> Jar File Created and Download.

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    Re: Clean And Build J2me Application Using Java Web

    Hi jayantbt,

    It is not common practice to create different installation files for each user. Web pages, programs and mobile apps can be user customized by using the exact same code. Also saving user data on a text file is not ideal. Have you considered storing your user data on a remote server database? You could access the database from the phone via an HTTP connection, authenticate the user and display relevant to the user information. This is more efficient as you only read and retrieve from the database a very small portion of the information needed rather than parsing an entire file that could potentially throw an Out of Memory Exception, on lower end devices.

    There are several ways to implement this model but the idea is that you have the J2ME application running on the mobile device that connects to a remote server over the web. The server should have a front end to communicate with the J2ME application over HTTP and a back end for storing user data, i.e. the database. The front end could be implemented as a servlet, php script etc.

    An example with j2me and php with apache server and mysql can be found here:

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