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    Copy protection for java applications

    iam new to java application.I know in symbian when publishing an application iam asked if i want it to be DRM protected.Does nokia offer the same thing when publishing a java application or is there another way where i can DRM protect my java application.

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    Re: Copy protection for java applications

    Hello kzomran,

    for making Java applications trusted, instead of providing DRM based protection Nokia provides the following signing service as described by Nokia Publisher Guide: http://support.publish.nokia.com/?p=9f

    Ask Nokia to sign apps for free

    You must sign Java and Symbian apps to prove that they are from a trusted source and are safe to install. You can ask
    Nokia to sign your apps for free. We provide the following types of signing:
    – Java (.jad and .jar files) — Java Verified signing. If you need MIDlet permissions beyond the Java Verified capabilities,
    get VeriSign or Thawte signing through another signing service.


    Prepare Java apps

    1. If you want Nokia to sign your app:
    a. Email developer.support@nokia.com to request the service. We email you our requirements.
    b. Click http://www.developer.nokia.com/Distr...ument_v2.4.pdf to download the
    Application Information form. This is an editable PDF form. Enter information into this PDF online and save it.
    Ensure that the permissions declared in the form match those in the .jad and .jar files.
    2. Create a flow diagram for your app so that we can test all operational flows (display all screens, activate main
    features, trigger main events, identify any in-app purchase items, etc.).
    3. Test the app to meet the criteria for Java Verified: http://javaverified.com/files/unifie...g_criteria.pdf. See
    also our criteria described here: http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...iki/index.php/
    4. If you are using another signing service, sign your app. Ensure that the app does not display certificate error
    5. When you submit your app through Nokia Publish, you must provide the following metadata:
    – Content file — If you want Nokia to sign your app, you submit an unsigned app.
    – Additional documentation — If you want Nokia to sign your app, attach a .zip file containing both the Application
    Information PDF form and app flow diagram.

    So based on the guidelines (also summarized on the table on page 79 of Nokia Publisher Guide) Nokia does not provide DRM signing for Java applications nor specifically define that the Java application must be protected with DRM.

    On other OMA DRM providers, there are some suggestions provided on this discussion thread (post #2 by Petrib, option 3): http://www.developer.nokia.com/Commu...for-midlet-jar

    Regarding Java specifics, Java Developer's Library by Nokia provides detailed information on DRM support for Java applications and especially when targeting Nokia devices:

    Java Developer's Library 3.11 > Developer's guides > Security > Digital rights management

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