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    Cool Windows Phone Programming in C# - Free eBook and Samples

    One more interesting resource to anyone already working or plans to start working on building apps for Windows Phone.


    Quote from the website:

    Windows Phone
    The Windows Phone Platform
    The Windows Phone Ecosystem
    Windows Phone Program Execution
    Windows Phone Application Development

    Introduction to Silverlight
    Program Design with Silverlight
    Understanding XAML
    Creating a Silverlight Application

    Visual Studio Solution Management
    Getting Started with Projects and Solutions
    Debugging Programs
    Performance Tuning

    Constructing a Program with Silverlight
    Improving the User Experience
    Data Manipulation and Display
    Managing Application Page Layout
    Displaying Lists of Data
    Pages and Navigation
    Using ViewModel Classes

    Isolated Storage on Windows Phone
    Storing Data on Windows Phone

    Using Databases on Windows Phone
    An Overview of Database Storage
    Creating Data Relationships with LINQ

    Networking with Windows Phone
    Networking Overview
    Creating a User Datagram Protocol (UDP) Connection
    Creating a Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) Connection
    Connecting to a Data Source
    Using LINQ to Read from an XML Stream
    Using Network Services

    XNA on Windows Phone
    XNA in Context
    Making an XNA Program
    Player Interaction in Games
    Adding Sound to a Game
    Playing Sound in a Silverlight Program
    Managing Screen Dimensions and Orientation
    Combining XNA and Silverlight

    Creating Windows Phone Applications
    The Windows Phone Icons and Splash Screens
    Fast Application Switching
    Launchers and Choosers
    Background Processing

    Windows Phone Marketplace
    Preparing an Application for Sale
    Distributing Windows Phone Applications and Games
    Making your Application Stand Out
    What to do Next

    The following chapters are covered in this material:


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    Re: Windows Phone Programming in C# - Free eBook and Samples

    thanks for information

    Code Samples for Windows Phone

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