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    [moved] RecordStore / RMS - how to conserve space?

    I have created a simple recordstore, to which user data is added and removed.

    The problem I have (on a Nokia Series 40 5th Edition device) is that when I create the recordstore and add, say, 400KB of data, even after I remove that data (by setting the contents of the record(s) to null), rs.getSizeAvailable() is still reporting that 400KB of data is being used which is resulting in a RecordStoreFullException.

    I've created a test screen which shows the contents of the recordstore and confirm that even when there's virtually nothing in the recordstore, rs.getSize() is reporting 400KB again...

    Other than delete/recreating the recordstore, is there a trick I can use to stop all this space being wasted?


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    Re: [moved] RecordStore / RMS - how to conserve space?

    Hello James,

    could you provide more information on how you perform the clearing of a recordstore? You defined about removing data by setting the record content to null, have you tried using deleteRecord(int recordId) for individual records?

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