How do I submit a Qt application to Nokia Publish?

The process for uploading Qt applications is the same as uploading a Symbian application. The publisher will need to package the application with Qt Smart Installer before submitting it to Nokia Publish. For instructions on how to package a Qt application with the Smart Installer, refer to the Qt Reference Documentation: Creating Smart Installer Packages

For detail of how to package the Qt application, please refer to Guide to publishing Qt application to Nokia Store in our Nokia Developer Wiki page.

What license type should I use for distributing my Qt application in Nokia Store?
You can use the LPGL license if you are not modifying the source code of the underlying Qt libraries and you are dynamically linking your application to the Qt libraries.
For more information about Qt licensing details, please refer to the presentation slide and the blog post from the following link:

What version of Qt does Nokia Store support?
Nokia Store supports all versions of Qt that’s commercial. We recommend all publishers to use the latest version of Qt smart installer.

Please refer to Nokia Developer for the latest release of Qt.

What devices support Qt apps?
There are a number of devices, which support Qt applications. The latest list can be found at Device Specifications. Select “Qt” from the drop down menu of the basic device filter.