To shorten your time to market, review this FAQ article and make any required fixes before submitting your content.

My content has failed for not having a support website. What should I do if I don’t have one to provide?

For games and applications, a valid support website is required to provide our end users with a support channel for troubleshooting purposes. Please create a support website with valid contact information and resubmit your item for review. The support website should include a support email address or a webform to allow users to contact you directly.

Please note that for personalization content, a support website is not required.

My content has failed for not having a device marked “Fully Tested” per platform. What does this mean?

Publishers are responsible for ensuring their application fully functions on at least one device. The QA team requires that at least one device must be marked as “Fully Tested” before conducting their review. Please update your device distribution to have at least one device marked fully tested per platform and resubmit your application for review.

The content does not display correctly when it changes orientation from portrait to landscape.

Content is not required to switch from portrait to landscape mode when the consumer turns the device sideways. The display can remain permanently locked in either portrait or landscape mode. However, if the content does detect a change in orientation, and reacts to the change, the display must scale properly. This means, for example, that in landscape mode, the side of the image must not be cropped. The display image must always use the full screen area available

For information on rotating images, see this Top 10 QA Failures article.

The selected language and country distribution do not match.

When you upload content to Nokia Store, the country and device distribution you choose must correspond to the language used in your content. If you want to distribute your content globally to all countries, the content must be in English. If the content is in another language, you may distribute it to specific countries only, which are listed in the Language region distribution mapping. If you try to distribute content to a country that is not listed for your language, your content will be rejected.

For information on how to select the language and country distribution, see this Top 10 QA Failures article.

When the content is suspended in the background, the content sound is not disabled.

Sound from the content should not play when it is suspended unless the content is a music player or a radio app.

For information on working with audio, see this Top 10 QA Failures article.

If you are unable to find a solution for a recent QA failure issue, please post in this forum.