After Qt SDK update to version 1.1.4 I thought I must compile Symbian^3 apps using the latest Qt version that is 4.7.4. But QA team made a contradictory reply:
Dear Publisher,

Thank you for submitting your Qt application to Nokia Store.

Unfortunately Nokia Store is not yet able to process your Qt 4.7.4 application. We expect to resolve an important Nokia Store – Qt 4.7.4 issue shorty. Once this issue is resolved we will promptly process your application.

Additionally, if you have created your application with a beta Qt 4.7.4 toolchain, it is recommended that you recompile your application with the new Qt SDK 1.1.4.

so the question is can I and should I compile Symbian^3 apps with latest Qt version (4.7.4) or stick for now with Qt 4.7.3? Actually online updater in Qt Creator (Qt SDK 1.1.4) has only one version for Symbian^3 which is 4.7.4. Thank you

P.S. Would be great if QA team at least send e-mail about the issue as I waited for 8 days just to discover in comments that there are some problems :/ Before I had e-mail if QA team commented on item but now no e-mails