Posted by dari al-bahar,
on March 06, 2002 at 09:26

I managed to install NCP 2 driver under WinXP successfuly, Connecting through it right now.
Here are the steps u need to go through:
1. Insert ur NCP2 CD and start the installation normally.
2. go through the usual steps, then when a window telling u that the driver isn't digitally signed for XP, click continue anyway.
3. then the setup will ask u to insert the NCP2, and start identifying it. It'll see it as a standard card modem, another pop up window will appear with several selections, pick up "Nokia Card Phone 2" and click next.
4. Continue the setup proccess, it'll finish then prompt u to restart the machine.
5. U're done.
P.S: the trick is 2 chose the other type of modem not the standerd modem in the modem step.